Friday, 12 April 2013

Updated Weightloss Goals

I previously posted my weightloss goals and rewards ,
however, since creating my list, and restarting my weightloss journey, I've decided to revisit these.
I'm still putting €5 away for every pound I've lost, and I'm also putting €1 in for every work out I do. It all adds up!

  • 16 Stone Reward: Grey low rise Converse. I love Converse,and I've been lusting after a pair of grey Cons for months. I think this is the perfect excuse.
  • 15 Stone Reward: Petrol blue Vans. My current vans are on their last legs, they're my favourite comfy shoe. Ever.
  • 14 Stone Reward: River Island dress. need I say more? Luuuuusst. When I was this weight before I was a size 14 depending on the cut, so fingers crossed it'll be the same this time!
  • 13 Stone Reward: A visit to the MAC store. I have hundreds and hundreds of make up bits and pieces, and do not own anything MAC as I see it as slightly out of my of price range for an everyday item. Roll on!
  • 12 Stone Reward: Levis - I have always wanted a pair of Levis...Always. I'm hoping by the time I get to this weight that I will have the waist size for one!
  • 11 Stone Reward: iPad. I would love to be 11 stone walking down the aisle, while it may seem heavy to some people, I'm 5'9" and I'd like to keep a healthy, athletic build! Plus I really want an iPad, but my laptop is barely a year old, so I really can't justify one right now. But, maybe in a year or so! Ultimate tech neccesity, I really think the ability to do my blog on the go and utilise my time spent commuting! One can get a lot done in two hours on a train!
Only 10 pounds to go til I hit my first goal!

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Penneys/Primark and Dunnes Stores Mini Haul

My self imposed spending ban kicks in tomorrow. Setting myself possibly a overzealous ban timeframe of 100 days. So to get shopping out of my system, I went into town and picked myself up a few bits, to tide me over til then ;)

I picked up a navy anchor print dress and red velvet heels from Dunnes, for a total of €32.00. In Penneys, I picked up a black maxi skirt, black crepe blazer, a cardi from the menswear section, ankle boots, two pairs of aviators and some pearls for a total of €41.00. I love Penneys. 

 My favorite item I bought today are these shoes. I've always been quite concious of buying red shoes for fear of looking a bit Dorothy out of Oz. But these beauties were love at first sight. The bow softens their overall appearence and makes them more innocent. I feel like Minnie Mouse. Reduced from €22 to €12. Sure it would have been rude not to!

Along with the shoes, I picked up this anchor print dress, with red belt included. I love anything nautical and this dress is bang on trend with the high-low cut. Looking foward to sporting this. Set me back €20, but I think its something that I can get a lot of wear out of. 

My bargain of the day are these platform ankle boots for €5.00!! I picked up a pair of these full price in DEcember and wore them all over Christmas. However, between parties and travelling to and from home, I appear to have misplaced one. They are the comfiest heel I've ever worn. I was quite distraught losing one of them. Until now!They are plain black suede, with a gold zip on the inside. These go perfectly with jeans, dresses, leggings, the lot. 

I am a massive aviator fan. I am also one of the clumsiest people around. I have to buy a new pair at least once a year. I bought a gold and silver pair, €3.00 each and some pearl earrings for €1.50.

 I picked up this plain black maxi skirt for €9.00. I wasn't sure how I felt about these when I had seen them in store previously, however after truing it on today I am converted. It has an elasticated waist which means I can hitch it up and wear as a midi skirt under a top if I wanted to. I find it challenging to locate maxi dresses and skirts that are long enough as I'm 5' 9", but this is perfect length. It's also slightly smaller around the bottom so it keeps it's column shape.
I also got the grandad style cardi for €7 on sale in the menswear department. It's grey with a red, yellow and green fleck. Its long enough to cover my bum and will be ideal for the transitional period.

The final item I picked up was this black crepe blazer. It's lovely and light for summer, and the blue lining will add a pop of colour when the sleeves are rolled up. Its a full lenght sleeve, that can be turned down, so I can keep it all black if I wish to.

So they are my last few purhcases for a while. I placed an order with Forever 21 Thursday so I will do a haul for those items once they arrive.

Roll on the spending ban <3

Happy Saturday.