Friday, 12 April 2013

Updated Weightloss Goals

I previously posted my weightloss goals and rewards ,
however, since creating my list, and restarting my weightloss journey, I've decided to revisit these.
I'm still putting €5 away for every pound I've lost, and I'm also putting €1 in for every work out I do. It all adds up!

  • 16 Stone Reward: Grey low rise Converse. I love Converse,and I've been lusting after a pair of grey Cons for months. I think this is the perfect excuse.
  • 15 Stone Reward: Petrol blue Vans. My current vans are on their last legs, they're my favourite comfy shoe. Ever.
  • 14 Stone Reward: River Island dress. need I say more? Luuuuusst. When I was this weight before I was a size 14 depending on the cut, so fingers crossed it'll be the same this time!
  • 13 Stone Reward: A visit to the MAC store. I have hundreds and hundreds of make up bits and pieces, and do not own anything MAC as I see it as slightly out of my of price range for an everyday item. Roll on!
  • 12 Stone Reward: Levis - I have always wanted a pair of Levis...Always. I'm hoping by the time I get to this weight that I will have the waist size for one!
  • 11 Stone Reward: iPad. I would love to be 11 stone walking down the aisle, while it may seem heavy to some people, I'm 5'9" and I'd like to keep a healthy, athletic build! Plus I really want an iPad, but my laptop is barely a year old, so I really can't justify one right now. But, maybe in a year or so! Ultimate tech neccesity, I really think the ability to do my blog on the go and utilise my time spent commuting! One can get a lot done in two hours on a train!
Only 10 pounds to go til I hit my first goal!


  1. I love the idea of rewarding yourself for every goal you reach - It makes it all positive! Good luck on reaching your target :)

    Chloe - Very Lovely Stuff

  2. Thank you very much Chloe!

    I think it will give me that extra push when I'm lacking motivation.
    I currently have my tired old worn out converse and Vans lurking around the house to remind me of what I'm working for!