Saturday, 22 March 2014

In memory of a dear friend, Roe

On the 31st of May 2011 my world came crashing down around me in one unceremonious swoop. I had just been told by another friend of the passing of one of the world's brightest lights, our dearest friend Roisin - or Roe as she was known as affectionately.

Once in a while there is a person who ignites happiness and joy in those they know, rarer again there is a person who can just be walking into a room change your day for the best. Even people who are barely known to them. Roisin was one of those people.

I met Roisin on my very first day of college in NUI Maynooth. September 2007. In a small classroom upstairs in the Hume Building across a room of intrigued mature students, Roe and I caught eyes and exchanged puzzled expressions while questions were being asked about course content, followed by giggling. That's the effect Roe had, infectious happiness - even through body language with a stranger.

To this day, when I think of her I always hear her laugh.

Our friendship grew strong, from lectures to coffee, to The Roost to Fibbers, which became a regular feature - ha!

Throughout ups, downs, boys, girls, family and all the rest she managed to keep me sane, and at my lowest I truley believe she saved me. At the depths of depression, between alcohol, alter egos and drunken frisbee my Roe kept me from drowning. Whenever I start to dip again I think of all she's done for me over the years, even in her absence she continues to guide me.

I forever miss her.

But I'll forever her remember her.

A life taken to soon, leaving a gaping hole behind.

Roe has inspired all of us to be better and to pay it forward, just like she did.

The Fool's Ball organised by her loving friends and family is testament to this.

Forever in our hearts and minds, we will continue to pay it forward.

Roisin's family are collaborating with prevent further needless deaths from methanol poisoning and have a dedicated donation page to coincide with the Fools Ball.

It would of great pleasure to all of us if you could all make a donation in Roisin's memory and in a preventative capacity also.

Sunday, 5 January 2014


Last year saw me take a hiatus from blogging due to moving house, county and job. Once I moved I began looking for work and settling into our new home, however finding a job and settling in proved harder than I thought, and it has taken its toll on me mentally. I have found work in retail, which is a far cry from my training job in Dublin, but it keeps a roof over my head and for that I am grateful. The house is really becoming a home, each day trip or shopping trip brings something new and dinky which is slowly turning our house into our home, whether it be VW vans, a new bathmat. Ours.
I had only really planned on taking a blogging break of a month or so, but I just couldn't re-establish my routine, I couldn't find my creative place within the house as my desk was home to all my office equipment, my sewing machine and a lot of books and magazines that I could never get around to moving. Alas, I have gotten around to it.
This is my first real attempt to get back to it. I decided to pick a Day Zero Project post as after reading Girl Friday's post, I really was inspired to write again. So thank you!

For anyone unfamiliar with it, Day Zero project basically involves listing 101 things you would like to achieve in the next 1001 days.

My Day Zero project begins today, Sunday January 5th 2014 and will end Sunday 2nd October 2016.

Here's my list..

#1 Go abroad
#2 Pass my driving test.
#3 Lose 6 stone.
#4 Own a desktop PC.
#5 Follow a 52 week saving plan.
#6 Set up a new Facebook page for my blog.
#7 Finish landscaping the back garden.
#8 Learn to touch type properly.
#9 Create a floral arch for my wedding.
#10 Finish organizing the wedding without losing ours minds or love for each other.
#11 Adopt an animal.
#12  Take my little sister to the sea side on a train.
#13 Have a professional manicure.
#14 Gut my wardrobe and start from scratch - perhaps after I've lost 6 stone?
#15 Go swimming
#16 Get a new tattoo
#17 Go to a concert
#18 Complete a couch to 5km
#19 Do another Mini Marathon
#20 Get my certificates frames.
#21 Take a sugarcraft class.
#22 Let my hair go back to it's natural colour.
#23 Get a professional massage.
#24 Buy something from MAC.
#25 Get to 20,000 page views on Blogger.
#26 Make my own chutney
#27 Make bread
#28 Go back to London
#29 Go back to Paris
#30 Cook a three course meal for my other half, who is a chef.
#31 Add to my VW collection.
#32 Build a deck in the back garden
#33 Extend the shed and convert into gym and utility room.
#34 Finish the spare room.
#35 Go in to the attic.
#36 Take my Mam away for a weekend.
#37 Draw a family tree.
#38 Spend a week without social media.
#39 Take more blog photos
#40 Complete my online course in Business Management
#41 Be able to spend more than 15 minutes on the crosstrainer without wanting to die.
#42 Make peace with my past.
#43 Get 5 spot prizes for the Fool's Ball in memory of a dear friend.
#44 Set up a Penny Bank book aka Christmas Savings account.
#45 Find a job I can like myself for.
#46 Have a housewarming/BBQ
#47 Get a new bathroom suite.
#48 Compose and complete an all over workout.
#49 Go West.
#50 Go vegetarian for a week.
#51 Go 6 months without buying any clothing, shoes or accesories for myself.
#52 Go 6 months without buying any make up or hair products.
#53 Go a week without spending any money.
#54 Get remeasured for a bra.
#55 Have a smear.
#56 Give up on fizzy drinks for a week.
#57 Join a fitness class.
#58 Catalogue magazines.
#59 Create a personal recipe depository using many years of WeightWatcher magazines.
#60 Do a Darkness into Light walk for Aware.
#61 Declutter my contact lists.
#62 Donate old toys and games to a local school.
#63 Attend another blogger event.
#64 Put utility bill accounts into credit.
#65 Go fishing.
#66 Pull an all nighter.
#67 Watch all the things I have recorded on the Sky Box
#68 Donate books to a retirement home.
#69 Make a daily/weekly/monthly task sheet for all householdy things meter readings, bill due days, oven cleaning.
#70 Plant a herb garden
#71 Set up a green house.
#72 Build a cabinet to house gas cylinders.
#73 Create a meal plan to empty out the larder and freezer economically.
#74 Create a new household budget once wedding savings are reached.
#75 Start a pension fund.
#76 Get life insurance.
#77 Have a dental check up.
#78 Create more than 78 blog posts this year.
#79 Complete a blogger challenge.
#80 Create a new Blogger layout and header.
#81 Have a facial
#82 Finish stripping doors and re-varnish with new handles.
#83 Have a girly short break.
#84 Have a complete restyle on my hair.
#85 Do a florists course.
#86 Buy something designer.
#87 Upcycle furniture for a family member.
#88 Hang a bathroom mirror.
#89 Try a shampoo bar.
#90 Be more active within blogging community
#91 Learn about online branding and networking
#92 See my brother's band, Boardwalk, play live.
#93 Go to a Shutterbug sale.
#94 Go to a comedy gig.
#95 Train the cherry blossom tree in my front garden into a box shape to block out the neighbours line of sight.
#96 Make my own pizza.
#97 Start to use again.
#98 Wear make up more often.
#99 Embrace my curls
#100 Wear heels more often
#101 Remember to come back and update the list as I complete the tasks!

I feel that the list of things I have set are achievable in the time frame and I do think I will enjoy working my way through the list.

Love and luck,