Saturday, 22 March 2014

In memory of a dear friend, Roe

On the 31st of May 2011 my world came crashing down around me in one unceremonious swoop. I had just been told by another friend of the passing of one of the world's brightest lights, our dearest friend Roisin - or Roe as she was known as affectionately.

Once in a while there is a person who ignites happiness and joy in those they know, rarer again there is a person who can just be walking into a room change your day for the best. Even people who are barely known to them. Roisin was one of those people.

I met Roisin on my very first day of college in NUI Maynooth. September 2007. In a small classroom upstairs in the Hume Building across a room of intrigued mature students, Roe and I caught eyes and exchanged puzzled expressions while questions were being asked about course content, followed by giggling. That's the effect Roe had, infectious happiness - even through body language with a stranger.

To this day, when I think of her I always hear her laugh.

Our friendship grew strong, from lectures to coffee, to The Roost to Fibbers, which became a regular feature - ha!

Throughout ups, downs, boys, girls, family and all the rest she managed to keep me sane, and at my lowest I truley believe she saved me. At the depths of depression, between alcohol, alter egos and drunken frisbee my Roe kept me from drowning. Whenever I start to dip again I think of all she's done for me over the years, even in her absence she continues to guide me.

I forever miss her.

But I'll forever her remember her.

A life taken to soon, leaving a gaping hole behind.

Roe has inspired all of us to be better and to pay it forward, just like she did.

The Fool's Ball organised by her loving friends and family is testament to this.

Forever in our hearts and minds, we will continue to pay it forward.

Roisin's family are collaborating with prevent further needless deaths from methanol poisoning and have a dedicated donation page to coincide with the Fools Ball.

It would of great pleasure to all of us if you could all make a donation in Roisin's memory and in a preventative capacity also.