Thursday, 25 June 2015

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

And again, and again.

Since turning 22 I have joined and rejoined Weigtwatchers 5 times. FIVE! It's nothing to do with WeightWatchers, it's to do with me. I do great for 5-6 weeks, get a little bit too cocky, and fudge it up trying to go alone, and I go back. Heavier than I started and the cycle begins all over again.

Next Wednesday will see attempt number 6, but, in a new location with a new leader muhahaha.

The first time I joined WeightWatchers, it was around the corner from my job at the time and I was able to run down on my lunch break - happy days! Until I changed shift and then I couldn't make a meeting unless I wanted to be 3 hours early for work as my little commuter town didn't offer a class at a time that suited. Can you guess what happened? Yup.

Then I got another job, went back to the same meeting, but a different leader who was about as inspirational as damp dishcloth. 3 weeks of half ass smiles and none of my favourite bars available, I skedaddled.

I then changed job to the south side of the city, and a new meeting popped up, with my shift pattern it meant I could make the lunch time meeting every other week. Nope. I weighed in and thought ah I have 13 days to work this off and stayed the same weight for 3 weeks. Girlbye.

While still working Southside, my hours changed again, meaning I could now make the Northside meeting that could fix all my problems and I could go to every week. Then the class was cancelled 4 weeks later. Mother of Jesus, I just want to be skinny!

Then, many moons later, after having a mild heart attack at the prospect of trying to buy a home in Dublin, myself and MrMac decided to move down the country to my home town. When we initially moved, the prospect of bumping into people I knew at my weight then gave me anxiety and while I was unemployed MrMac kindly ensured that I was able to attend my new local meeting. While there was a fair mix of age, I'd guess about 70% of the class were at goal, which you know would incite hope in most people, the class must have been doing something right, To me, it instilled fear. I had a long way to go, what if I don't get goal? Instant fear. Despite my initial doubts, I had a good start, loosing 1.5 stone or 21 pounds to those of you across the pond. I reached my goal weight for my wedding day. I did miss a lot of meetings once I got a job, with my hours I left to travel before the morning class and wasn't back in town until well after the evening meeting finished, but this time unlike all the other times, when I had a bad day or a bad meal, I found myself able to draw a line under it and move on, start afresh. That is so far the biggest thing I'd taken away from any meeting. Since my wedding I have gained back a couple of pounds and I seem to be losing and gaining the same two pounds since forever. The recipes given in the last class I attended were given to me in Dublin 2 years ago. This is what made my decision to change classes. No wonder I couldn't find inspiration.

I'm hoping starting afresh in a new location will kick my plateau. The leader I'm going to was present in my last class for a few weeks while my then leader took a few weeks off. I found her refreshing, with new ideas and recipes.

Here's hoping.