Thursday, 19 May 2016

And baby makes....4?!

Oh hello there, oh blog of mine.

Cannot believe it's almost been a year since I wrote my last post *slaps wrist* but I have been contemplating writing this post since we found out. I think the Irish Catholic in me is overly superstitious.

Things have been going well since I last posted. We've almost completely renovated our house now, I stuck at Weight Watchers for AGES and even got picked to be the class helper taking money and such. I was dedicated at the gym and gained all the fitness. I went on a great little early Christmas Shopping trip in Liverpool with the besto - highly recommended, especially if you love a good charity shop trawl and Sterling is good versus the Euro. We shopped all around us, and had Krispie Kremes!

When I got back from Liverpool I wasn't feeling the Mae West, very emotional and tender. I was absolutely exhausted and started to feel a little queasy in the presence of strong and or bodily odours... then the penny dropped when I went to unpack my huge Liverpool Haul, in my hand luggage a packet of sanitary towels that I had packed because my very regular timing would have had me needing them while I was over there... but I had been there and back *gulp*.

A pregnancy test confirmed our news, we were expecting. We found out very early into the pregnancy, I was only 5 weeks - thank you Clearblue and your indicator - we ran through every emotion that you can think of. We couldn't tell anyone with it being so early so the first few weeks were very exciting and seemed to last FOREVER until we could tell everyone. I've never seen my husband look so excited and nervous at the same time.

At 8 weeks we told our parents and siblings. It was just before Christmas and everyone was very excited, as were we.

As we are availing of Combined Care -our visits are split 50/50 between our local GP and the regional hospital Ante-Natal Clinic - on the HSE (NHS equivialant here in Ireland) we were daunted at the prospect of having to wait until 18-22 weeks for our first glimpse of OUR baby. So my husband persuaded me to go for a private scan. We booked in for an early pregnancy scan with Ultrasound Dimensions in Blackrock and waited to see our now 12 week old future off spring.

Boy am I glad he persuaded me to have an early one, as the scan allowed us to find out that not only was our baby ok, it had company in there too. Two sacs, two heartbeats. Two perfect little humans in the making. Twins.

We were elated. I don't remember a lot of details about the scan due to the pure shock, but I know once the surprise wore off we were definitely excited. Our parents were more shocked than we were. There are no twins in either of our immediate family.  I have some second cousins that are twins, but that's a stretch on blaming DNA.

So here we are at 31 weeks. Only 7 weeks at most until we meet our future.

This pregnancy has me in awe of what my body is capable of, despite years of neglect. It definitely has me considering my post-pregnancy well being, and I will be doing my utmost to improve my general health and fitness. I have enjoyed my journey with these babies, learning to decipher which kick is from which baby, what a hiccup feels like, feeling them turn and wriggle. It's utterly indescribable.

Our pregnancy journey has involved getting our house in order, all our things like re-plastering, re-carpeting, built in storage, replacing our warped doors and dated bathroom. Our house is on the home straight. It's also involved searching for a twin buggy that was smaller than a mini-bus, suitable from birth and could take a car seat, let me save you some time, Mountain Buggy Duet, you can thank me later.

We've read books, articles, disinfected and steamed our house within an inch of its life and we're ready for when these babies decide they would like to make an appearance, which could potentially be any day once we hit 32 weeks.

We are excited for the next chapter of our lives with our babies. We know that the only way we will get to know our babies is when they are here, and no two babies are alike, even fraternal twins, but we are as ready as we can ever be as first time parents.

I hope not to leave it a year between this post and my next, but I potentially will have my hands full!

Love and luck,